JATP  Software Upgrade Support Process

To ensure that your network is always protected against the latest advanced threats, Juniper recommends that you always run the latest Generally Available (GA) version of software. This ensures that you are leveraging the latest and greatest detection advances available from Juniper as well as the most recent bug fixes.  Juniper JATP appliances are not "inline" devices, so minor outages during software updates do not materially affect other network services.

Juniper’s software release policy is to support two GA versions of software simultaneously. As soon as a software release has passed our internal QA criteria for General Availability, we begin moving customers to that release in a tiered fashion. The goal is to have most customers transitioned to the latest release within one month of GA. Once all customers are moved to the GA release, support for the previous version is discontinued.

JATP    Core and MCM Appliances by default will automatically download the latest updates via a secure HTTPS connection to our upgrade servers.  All other device types obtain their own upgrades from the Core.

While Juniper recommends that you always enable Automatic Software Updates, if you prefer to have manual control over upgrading your systems, you can disable Software Updates in the web UI under the Config tab, System Profiles>System Settings Menu. You should plan to re-enable software updates on a periodic (no greater than evdry 2 weeks) basis to avoid missing out on important bug-fixes and enhancements.  

To enable software updates at a desired time, simply enable Software Updates. The system will upgrade on the next hour or 30 minutes past the hour. After the software upgrade is complete, you can maintain control over the next systems upgrade by again disabling Software Updates.