Q: "I see that Cyphort has released new software but we are still running the old version - how do I upgrade?"

Cyphort devices will, by default, check for software upgrades every 30 minutes (at :00 and :30). However when we announce a new software release, upgrades are managed in stages to ensure a high-quality experience. Once GA stage is announced, most systems will be updated within a couple of weeks of the announcement. 

Upgrades do not need to be attended, and we have detailed telemetry on the progress of the upgrade via our Global Support Service (GSS). (Those few customers who do not have GSS should contact Cyphort Support for all upgrades)

Your system will automatically upgrade to the latest version we make available. If you would like to accelerate the upgrade, please open a support ticket by emailing support@cyphort.com

Please include:

  • The best time (specify timezone) to schedule the upgrade. 
  • Your full contact information (including mobile number if appropriate)
  • Any concerns or special circumstances you want us to be aware of

Note that a current support contract and active license is required in order to qualify for upgrades.